Apple offers $1 million to hack an iPhone

Hackers who discover vulnerabilities in Apple devices could earn up to US $1 million, reported Forbes this week.

Company Chief of Security Ivan Krstic announced changes to the existing program, which rewards those who find loopholes in the IT systems of their products at a conference on information security in Las Vegas.

The highest amount previously offered was US $200,000, and the program was only for researchers previously selected by Apple. It will be open to everyone starting in the fall.

To be eligible for a US $1 million check, a hacker must be able to take complete control of an Apple device remotely, without user interaction with the device.

Fewer rewards, up to US 500,000, are available to uncover other security vulnerabilities.

The piracy market

Governments and businesses are willing to pay large sums for discovering weaknesses in the computer systems of smart devices. Apple seems to want to cut the grass under their feet by increasing the bet.

Apple also announced that iPhone specifically designed to facilitate the search for vulnerabilities in the operating system would be distributed to some qualified researchers who request it.

According to Ivan Krstic, more than 50 serious bugs have been discovered since Apple’s reward program was launched in 2016

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