Live Raiders season finisher tracker: Are Raiders be sent fundamental assistance today?

The Raiders, who required a ton of things to go directly for them on Sunday to make the end of the season games, got some uplifting news at an opportune time the last day of the customary season.

At that point the genuine show started during the evening games. Starting with the Raiders’ initial battles in Denver and completion with them missing the end of the season games for the sixteenth time in their last 17 years in Oakland.

The Titans tore the Texans to end the Raiders’ black out expectations even before their game in Denver finished up. Derrick Henry’s 53-yard touchdown run with 3 1/2 minutes left to put the completing addresses the Titans’ 35-14 win. That gave Tennessee the AFC’s last season finisher billet with a 9-7 record.

Maybe the most straightforward of the five-advance procedure went Oakland’s way during the morning games. The Raiders required only one of four groups to dominate an early match so as to stay alive in the pursuit for the last AFC season finisher spot when they kick off against the Broncos at 1:25 p.m. Sunday.

The Raiders required either the Bears, Lions, Chargers or Patriots to win and three of them were driving in the first part of the day games. The Raiders got the assistance they required from an old companion as ex-Oakland kicker Eddy Pineiro’s 22-yard field objective with 12 seconds left paralyzed the Vikings in a 21-19 Chicago win. The Bears’ triumph rendered a day or two ago games disputable.

That was something beneficial for Oakland as what seemed, by all accounts, to be the most effortless success for the Raiders’ odds (Patriots over the Dolphins) didn’t work out as expected. The Dolphins, on the quality of a Tom Brady pick six toss, paralyzed the Patriots 27-24.

In the interim, the Chargers were beaten by the Chiefs 31-21, and the Lions blew an early lead and lost 23-20 on Mason Crosby’s field objective with no time remaining.

Considerably after the Bears helped the Raiders (while hurting somewhat the No. 1 draft pick they’ll send to the Raiders), the Raiders still required four things to occur in the 1:25 p.m. games request to make the end of the season games at 8-8.

  • The Raiders needed to beat the Broncos in Denver.
  • The Ravens, who sat various starters with the AFC’s top seed previously verified, needed to beat the Steelers, who are additionally 7-8 and in the four-group pursue with Oakland and Tennessee to snatch the last compartment.
  • The Texans, who were additionally resting players, for example, beginning quarterback Deshaun Watson, needed to beat the Titans, who might secure the last billet by basically beating Houston. It was clearly approaching a lot for another ex-Raider, Texans quarterback A.J. McCarron, to help the Raiders’ motivation on Snday.
  • The Colts needed to beat the Jaguars. What’s more, the Jaguars additionally destroyed the best-laid plans of the season finisher cheerful Raiders by crushing Indianapolis.
  • In the event that every one of these games had gone Oakland’s direction they would have been in the end of the season games just because since 2016 — when they were disposed of by Houston in a trump card game. At that point the Raiders would have been hit with the calming news they would have been in New England one weekend from now attempting to beat Brady and the Patriots.

Yet, so much for the Tuck Rule game vengeance game for Gruden, however. What’s more, that is they wrap on Oakland Raiders football.

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