Amazon employees say they were threatened for climate change criticism

Two Amazon workers who took a stand in opposition to the organization’s ecological strategies state they were undermined with end in the event that they keep on abusing the organization’s outside interchanges approach.

In October, the representatives, Maren Costa and Jamie Kowalski, advised that Amazon adds to environmental change by supporting oil-and gas-organization investigation with its distributed computing business. The two workers state they were along these lines assembled into conferences with HR, where they were blamed for damaging the organization’s outer correspondences arrangement. Costa says she at that point got an email from an organization legal advisor, who guaranteed future infringement could “bring about conventional restorative activity, up to and including end of your work with Amazon.” Kowlanski says she got a comparable email.

As part of its overall communications rules, Amazon tells employees they may speak out on social media, as long as they do not share confidential business information.

The incident speaks to the growing trend of employees calling out large tech companies on everything from their environmental policies to workplace diversity, sexual misconduct, human rights policy and “retaliation culture.”

It also speaks to the issue of Big Tech companies clamping down on employee criticism and protests. Most recently, the National Labor Relations Board instructed Google to remind employees that they can speak freely about workplace issues, after employees alleged they were fired for union organizing, a claim Google denies. As the tech labor movement continues to gain momentum, incidents like these will likely become more common.

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