Boris and the Dark Survival, Little Misfortune, and Beat Hazard 2 : 32 new Android games from the seven day stretch of February 10, 2019

Welcome to the gathering of the freshest Android games that went live in the Play Store or were seen by us in the earlier week or something like that. Today they have the most recent endurance game in the Bendy arrangement, a dazzling account based experience game, and a one of a kind music-driven arcade shooter. So right away, here are the more remarkable Android games discharged during the seven day stretch of February tenth, 2020.


Boris and the Dark Survival

Boris and the Dark Survival is the third awfulness title in the Bendy arrangement of portable games. The primary game was a snazzy auto-sprinter, and the second was a captivating endurance game that played a great deal like Alien: Isolation. Boris and the Dark Survival is in reality fundamentally the same as the second title in the arrangement (Bendy and the Ink Machine), however as opposed to investigating a deserted animation studio in first-individual, they will currently investigate the studio from a feathered creatures eye see. The objective continues as before, endure sufficiently long to get away from the grip of the colossal Ink Demon following all their means.

Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune is an account based experience game where decisions matter. A frightening air is in fact a piece of the title’s appeal, which is the reason this is certainly not a game for youngsters. The workmanship is outstanding, the voice work is heavenly, and the story merits encountering. Truly, this is one of the more cleaned pick their own undertakings I’ve played on Android, and extremely, the main drawback is that the title can be beaten in around 2-4 hours.

Beat Hazard 2

Huge numbers of teir perusers may not recall, however the first Beat Hazard Ultra was a genuinely fruitful musicality game that arrived on the Play Store in 2012. Indeed, it would appear the dev has been working diligently throughout the most recent eight years, thus a continuation just landed on the Play Store this week. It’s called Beat Hazard 2, and it’s as of now in early access for $3.99, which is as far as anyone knows half-off of what the retail cost will be at one time the game is authoritatively discharged. So on the off chance that they do get a kick out of the chance to look at the most up to date music-based shooter from a cultivated dev, Beat Hazard 2 is an extraordinary decision.

Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS

Shadowgun War Games had an unpleasant beginning this week. In addition to the fact that it arrived late on discharge day, yet its servers were additionally battling to deal with the player base, leaving numerous individuals to manage irregular separations. Madfinger has guaranteed that more servers will be turning out soon to help with request, yet tragically the title’s interactivity isn’t too extraordinary either, on account of poor controls and excessively long matches. For an Overwatch clone, Madfinger didn’t give close enough consideration to make charming interactivity, which isn’t incredible in the portable gaming world, yet frustrating no different, particularly once they see the costs connected to the title’s two regular passes.

Pokémon HOME

OK, they got me, Pokémon HOME isn’t really a game, however it ties into by far most of Pokémon games out there, so gamers will be the ones utilizing it, which is the reason it’s in the present gathering. Basically this application is the trade for Pokémon Bank with the goal that fans can without much of a stretch store their caught Pokémon in the cloud, however this includes some significant downfalls. While those that decide to utilize the application with the expectation of complimentary will have the option to hide away to 35 Pokémon, those that are happy to pay the $3 month to month membership will have the option to amass to 6,000 Pokémon. Why a cost is appended to what is unmistakably a limited quantity of online stockpiling, they don’t have the foggiest idea, yet they wager pain free income stole from the pockets of kids has a great deal to do with it.


Who is Awesome is a little game assortment enveloped with wonderful 2D craftsmanship. They will begin by picking their character from a determination of four that are lounging around a table, and afterward it’s getting a move on to contend in a wide range of small games against the other 3 CPU characters sitting at their table. The objective is to dominate each match, and as they progress, they will open new games to play against their table-bound enemies.


Veritas originates from Glitch Games, the makers of the Forever Lost experience game set of three, and as they would expect, Veritas is likewise an undertaking game that plays comparably. Think Myst, yet played in an alternate setting, and they are drawing near the experience the principal individual riddles offer right now. The workmanship in the game is incredible, and the riddles can be testing, which sets this up one of the better experience games accessible this week. So ensure they don’t pass up a great opportunity.

Palace Ramble

Palace Ramble is an agreeable 2D roguelike platformer from the designers of Unbroken Soul, a strong activity platformer in its own right. Right now, are entrusted with recuperating their mansion from fiendish pigs, and there are more than 30 weapons to gather, huge amounts of valuable items to use, also, every day journeys and compensations for those that require new substance continually. The best part is that this is completely offered for nothing, and there are no in-application buys in the title, just commercials, so they know precisely what you are getting when they introduce this discharge.

LetterPop – Best of Free Word Search Puzzle Games

LetterPop is the most recent discharge from Zynga, and as they would expect, this is an easygoing word-based riddle game, the dev’s meat and potatoes. The game is anything but difficult to get into, you should simply frame words out of the air pockets on their screen, and the more drawn out the word, the more focuses they will win. It’s a straightforward arrangement, and that is by structure, which makes this a strong title to relax with following a monotonous day of work, particularly since the designer hasn’t stuffed any adaptation in the title yet.

Shipper Heroes

Shipper Heroes is an early-get to discharge that offers 3v3 vital turn-based battle, however it’s only an inert game. This implies the entirety of the game’s making works simply like each other inactive game out there, which is the means by which they will improve their soldiers to take on more grounded and more grounded adversaries constantly. So simply like each other inactive game out there, the ongoing interaction is altogether roundabout.

Spray painting Artist: Spray Paint

They have said it previously, and I’ll state it once more. Spray painting games are on the ascent on the Play Store, yet for reasons unknown, they all appear as though grown-up shading books, rather than offering the coarseness the hip-jump way of life that encompasses the workmanship is most popular for. As somebody who grew up outlining his own road craftsmanship in many dark books consistently, they can’t state the easygoing structure of this work of art game is such engaging. Of course, it might have a spray painting subject, however this feels like a game for kids, which is odd, since the demonstration of painting spray painting will in general be unlawful. Who is this game for?

Rear entryway

Rear entryway is a game that offers workmanship like titles like Monument Valley, however the absence of shading is typically a sign that the dev couldn’t manage the cost of a craftsman. This is regularly why such a significant number of highly contrasting games exist. It’s costly to enlist architects. Fortunately the labyrinth based ongoing interaction right now its own, however the reason is worked around keeping away from shadows that cross their way, which can be exhausting on the off chance that they are searching for something somewhat more quick paced. In any case, this is an agreeable discharge, and the controls work very well.


In the event that they are a fanatic of lovable 2D platformers, they are going to need to look at Dadish. As a matter of first importance, they play as a radish that is a father, henceforth the title’s name, and it will be their business to spare their youngsters by going head to head against cheap food themed adversaries. There’s a sum of 40 levels to beat, scattered between four separate supervisor battles, so there’s a decent piece of substance to investigate. It additionally doesn’t hurt that the game’s soundtrack is shaking. Truly, on the off chance that they appreciate versatile platformers, Dadish is a feature this week.

I Love Hue Too

I Love Hue Too is a hallucinogenic puzzler where congruity, geometry, recognition, ability, and enchantment all cross to make a difficult riddle game that will eventually test the player’s shading discernment and rationale. There are more than 900 riddles to illuminate, and there are likewise different play modes, which should keep players occupied for a long time.

ChessFinity PREMIUM

ChessFinity joins the technique of Chess with the easygoing enjoyment of an interminable sprinter, all to make something that is refreshingly new while staying natural, and this specific discharge is the exceptional rendition, which implies the title’s promotions are now evacuated. They can just play as a solitary Chess piece at once, however they are allowed to change to whatever piece they might want to utilize. This is the place the game’s procedure comes in, as each piece will offer various moves, so it’s dependent upon they to make sense of the best way to deal with advance down the board the extent that they can.

Rigging for Heroes: Medieval Idle Craft

All things considered, what do they know, Gear for Heroes is an inactive game. As though they need more of those yet. As should be obvious, this specific inactive game is themed around a medieval timespan, thus it will be their business to gradually develop their numbers to more readily prepare their military, which thus will permit their soldiers to overcome their foes, which will at that point acquire they much more cash, which would then be able to be returned to their soldiers to begin the procedure all once more. Like most inactive games, the specialists are round, and they never end.

Sky Dancer: Seven Worlds

Sky Dancer: Seven Worlds is the most recent auto-sprinter to land on the Play Store, and it fills in as a spin-off of Sky Dancer Run. Not at all like most auto-sprinters, the visuals right now flawless, and since that is the thing that made the primary game so mainstream, They see no motivation behind why the continuation won’t take off also. They can likewise value that Sky Dancer: Seven Worlds isn’t full to the overflow with IAPs, in contrast to a considerable lot of its rivals.

Political decision Year Knockout

With a significant US presidential political decision coming up this year, it’s nothing unexpected to see a venturesome designer discharge a game that plays into the current political separation right now. Fortunately Election Year Knockout is a carefree issue, where each side of the political minefield is ridiculed in some way, which is invigorating to see. Obviously, the game was made to play like the great NES title Punch-Out, however it offers political cartoons rather than Mike Tyson.

Zombie Age 2 Premium: Survive in the City of Dead

The first Zombie Age 2 has been around since 2014, so it’s not really new, but then the title’s devs just discharged this top notch form on the Play Store. Clearly, this form does exclude pennant promotions, however it certainly incorporates the entirety of the IAPs of the first, alongside different commercials. Extremely, this discharge exists as a simple route for the dev to list their game marked down, bringing about better position on the Play Store each time a deal is live.

Battlecraft – Tactics Online

Battlecraft – Tactics Online is only that, an online strategic turn-based game. They will initially need to develop a multitude of to 20 characters, and each brings its own one of a kind abilities, so blending and coordinating is vital to guarantee a decent group. When their group is set up, at that point it’s making tracks to take on players from around the globe. So in the event that they have a craving to play the most recent strategic RPG to land on the Play Store, they could do a lot of more regrettable than Battlecraft.

Enormous Rig Racing

Enormous Rig Racing is an early access discharge that offers 18-wheeled hustling in the palm of their hand. There are a wide range of parts and trucks to gather, alongside a couple of skins and paints, so they can thoroughly alter their vehicle to look the manner in which they need. Extremely, this is only a basic racing game, so customization is the primary motivation to play past the initial barely any races, which this game ideas in spades.


Symphogear XD UNLIMITED is the most recent gacha game to land on the Play Store, and as they would expect, it’s loaded up with waifus. These waifus, specifically, are based on the Symphogear TV show that pretense in Japan, and the interactivity offers decisively what they would anticipate from an assortment based portable RPG. They will invest their energy granulating to open new characters, all so they can pound some more to open even more up to date characters. Discussion about enjoyment.

Clear Adventure

Clear Adventure is a conventional side-looking over auto-brawler, where they tap on the couple of symbols showed at the base of the screen so as to time when their next troop enters the quarrel. It’s a straightforward arrangement done to death as of now, however in the event that they appreciate looking as their portable games play themselves, at that point they see no motivation behind why anything they referenced above would prevent they from playing this discharge.


On the off chance that they have ever needed to fly around like a Dragon Ball Z character, at that point Kick-Flight is the game for they. Essentially, this title combines the enjoyment of flying around 3D conditions with the assortment mechanics of a Pokémon title. The controls can be difficult to get the hang of, however once they figure out them, it’s a delight to fly around. Fights happen progressively and offer 4v4 matches that last as long as three minutes. Tragically the game isn’t adapted quite well, so’s a territory to watch out for on the off chance that they need to look at this discharge.

Inert Summoner : Grand Battle

Inert games are unmistakably extremely popular, likely in light of the fact that they are so modest and simple to make, thus they are siphoned out on the Play Store on a reliable premise. Inactive Summoner : Grand Battle is one such game, and keeping in mind that the craftsmanship is decent, the ongoing interaction offers a similar exhausting mechanics where they will acquire money to buy updates, all so they can procure more cash to buy significantly more redesigns. It’s exhausting, yet they guess that is something individuals like about the class, not unreasonably they can make sense of why.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is the most recent conventional group put together methodology RPG to land with respect to the Play Store. Much the same as Marvel Strike Force and its numerous clones, it will be their business to gather saints, fabricate a group, and afterward battle them against their companions. There are more than 200 saints to gather, and every offer a one of a kind ability. Obviously, the best legends are bolted behind plunder containers, so in the event that they truly need to assemble an able group, they will need to settle up, over and over.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is an early-get to discharge that just went into a testing stage in Canada, so it’s not playable in the US at this time. From what they can gather, this is an allowed to-play turn-based RPG, and the attention is on PvP, which implies they should assemble a group, raise their details, all so they can in the end manufacture a group sufficiently able to stand its ground in the PvP mode. Obviously, since this is an allowed to-play discharge, they are certain those that go through cash will have an a lot simpler time assembling an amazing group that is prepared for rivalry.

Cut and Girl – Joker World

Cut and Girl – Joker World is an early access discharge, and it’s basically a battle based auto-sprinter. They will hack and slice their way through a variety of foes, all as they bounce starting with one way then onto the next so as to evade the game’s numerous snags. As you would expect, different outfits and weapons are accessible for assortment and customization, which is there to keep players returning to the game.

Rovercraft 2

Rovercraft 2 is one more early access discharge this week, and it’s basically another auto-sprinter. What separates this discharge from the numerous sprinters on the Play Store is the way that landscape assumes a significant job. This implies players should deceive out their vehicles so as to represent the deceptive landscape. So state they occur over an enormous hole their present vehicle can’t cross. Whenever they play that level, they can tweak their vehicle so its body is sufficiently long to cross over any barrier. It’s this structure mechanics that permits Rovercraft 2 to sparkle, which is the reason it’s really awful the game’s adaptation didn’t get as a lot of clean as its structure mechanics.

Endlessness Legends Premium

DivMob is most likely most popular for its Zombie Age games, thus Eternity Legends Premium is an obscure from the organization, however at any rate we realize that the game is an excellent discharge, on account of its ludicrous title. They see, devs frequently discharge shallow games at $0.99 so the title can be put at a bargain over and over with the goal that it will get more perspectives on the store, because of the deal status. Obviously, they could generally get the free title on the off chance that they would prefer not to spend any cash on an obscure contrivance. Truly, they think that its ideal to simply dodge the devs that utilization these smarmy strategies.

Dino Hunter King

Dino Hunter King originates from mobirix, a studio that realizes how to siphon out unremarkable games. Fortunately Dino Hunter King is one of the studio’s increasingly cleaned discharges. The whole game is revolved around chasing dinosaurs, however they will simply remain set up as they shoot these superb animals for entertainment only. There are a plenty of weapons to choose from for their shooting needs, and should any dinosaurs get excessively close as they are shooting them in the face, they will risk legitimately being eaten alive.

Golf Mania: The Mini Golf Game

As a sucker for golf match-ups, they simply needed to look at Golf Mania in spite of its initial access moniker. Like most small scale golf match-ups, they will utilize a slingshot specialist to shoot their ball, which stirs very well to arrange their shots. As they progress, they will open new gear, which thus will be helpful for advancing significantly further. Obviously, there’s additionally a customization perspective to this discharge, which is there to keep players returning. It’s additionally worth remembering this is an allowed to-play discharge, thus its adaptation is entirely awful.

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