He Won a Varsity Letter at 16. He Finally Got It When He Was 79.

Miano, at that point 16, was never given an unequivocal clarification, yet he never questioned the explanation:“I was weird and different.”The other day, Mr. Ammiano, who is 79, received a note in the mail fr Tom Ammiano, a well-known gay leader in San Francisco, believed his effeminate mannerisms led his New Jersey high school to deny him his letter.

He was a skinny high school student who had asthma, a high-pitched voice and effeminate mannerisms. He kept his distance from football players,who he said bullied him, but when his Catholic school in New Jersey formed a track team, Tom Ammiano decided to join.Mr. Ammiano, who would grow up to become one of the country’s pioneering gay leaders,an early openly gay comedian and a prominent California elected official, found that he loved running long distance. He helped his team win meets and in 1958, his junior year, he won his final one-mile run.“That last win put me over the top,”Mr. Ammiano said, and when he was told he had procured a varsity letter, Mr. Ammiano reviewed,“I went to seventh heaven.”Yet, before the honors service, he discovered that the last meet would presently don’t tally. Mr. Amom his place of graduation, Faultless Origination Secondary School in Montclair, N.J., that contained some sudden news — he would at long last be getting his varsity letter.


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