Got old, even broken, gadgets laying around? This website will pay you cash for them TECHNOLOGY by: Rich DeMuro

Chances are, you have an old phone, tablet or computer laying around the house. Now, you can trade them in for cash – even if they’re broken.

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. I recently visited the Chino-based website Gizmogo to check out their operations and even sent in a broken tablet of my own to test out their service.

Gizmogo is part of a larger electronics recycling company on a mission to keep old electronics out of landfills. In the process, they’ll take old gadgets off your hands for cash and then either refurbish them or recover the precious metals inside to be reused.

“Our differentiation is that we are also very aware of the environmental impact… so trying to remove these electronics from our landfills is our main objective,” said Roxanna Faithful, Gizmogo’s Director of Marketing.

Gizmogo says they will “clean it off or we will annihilate the memory,” clarified Faithful.

In their enormous distribution center, I saw old devices stacked all over and filled containers bound for different nations, further reusing or resale.

It’s a genuine update that the furthest down the line tech isn’t generally in style, yet appropriate removal can have an effect in your wallet, and the world.

“We just want to make sure that none of these devices end up in the landfill,” concluded Faithful.

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