Use this quick tip to help protect your computer from ransomware in one click

New Venmo privacy setting

Venmo is notoriously lax about the privacy of your transactions and for good reason: the service was built on social sharing of friends paying each other back for sushi and coffees.

But, ever since Buzzfeed was able to  President Biden’s profile and his entire list of friends, the app has introduced a new setting to hide your friend list.

To turn it on, open the Venmo app, go into Settings, then Privacy and Your Friends List. Choose “Private” so other people can’t see your list of friends.

While you’re in Settings, you should make your exchanges private as well, except if you like everybody seeing who you’re trading cash with. I know, numerous individuals do. I simply don’t get it.

Have your telephone declare who’s calling

In the event that your telephone is across the room and it rings, you can in any case “hear” who is calling. The entirety of the famous telephones presently support a component that says the name of who’s calling for all to hear.

On Samsung, open your Dialer, at that point go into settings and under “Noting and Ending Calls,” pick the alternative to “Read Caller Names Aloud.”

The component additionally went to Google’s Phone Dialer application, which is the default on Pixel telephones, yet anybody utilizing an Android can likewise download and utilize it free of charge. Open the Dialer application, go into Settings, at that point search for the choice for Caller ID declaration. Set to Always.

On iPhone, go into Settings, Phone and pick the alternative for Announce Calls.

Set the book you’re perusing as a Kindle lock screen

Arouses just got a cool new component. They would now be able to show the front of the book you’re perusing on the lock screen.

To set it, ensure your product is cutting-edge. At that point, go into Settings, Device Options and flip the switch for Show Cover.

Keep in mind, if your Kindle displays ads on the lock screen by default, you’ll have to pay $20 to get the new cover feature. This feature works on Kindles, Paperwhites and Oasis models, not the Fire tablet models.

Also, Amazon Prime day is rumored to be approaching, so before you spring for the $20 upgrade, you might want to wait to see what kind of deals they have on brand new Kindles.

Protect your Windows 10 PC from ransomware

Did you know Windows 10 has built in ransomware protection? You can turn it on in one click!

To do it, start by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard to open the built-in search tool. Then, type in “ransomware protection” and open the result, which will be inside settings.

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