Bernie Sanders wants to cancel all student debts

Senator Bernie Sanders and progressive legislators from the House of Representatives will present an initiative to cancel all student debts that weigh about 45 million Americans. The measure goes beyond the proposal of one of the main contenders in the contest for the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren’s plan would cancel $50 billion … Read more

Apple offers $1 million to hack an iPhone

Hackers who discover vulnerabilities in Apple devices could earn up to US $1 million, reported Forbes this week. Company Chief of Security Ivan Krstic announced changes to the existing program, which rewards those who find loopholes in the IT systems of their products at a conference on information security in Las Vegas. The highest amount … Read more

The UN fears the use of chemical weapons in an impending battle in Syria

On Monday, the United Nations called for Russia, Iran and Turkey to prevent a battle in the Syrian province of Idlib that would affect millions of civilians and in which militants and the government could use chlorine as a chemical weapon. The UN envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said there was a large concentration … Read more